Fishing guide in Sweden

Sweden is a paradise for sport fishers, especially pike.


Looking for a fishing guide in Sweden? I let you imagine these expanses of water as far as the eye can see where the lakes are as big as some French departments, far from the big cities, with low fishing pressure. The fauna, the flora, the whole ecosystem and the richness of its waters make this lake a nugget with big pike. I care a lot about protecting them. The experiences, the meetings and the hours spent on the waters of Foxen Lake, allowed me to acquire all the necessary knowledge to make you spend an excellent stay.


The areas with great potential are many, I will take you there with joy!

Experience pike fishing like never before!
You have an appointment with the monsters of Foxen Lake.

Being from Brittany (land and sea) in the Morbihan and fisherman since my youngest age, I will make you discover my fishing spots of yesteryear and today (fresh or salt water) that I know on the fingertips . I do not count the hours spent with my friends of the association “NoStressFishing” to use my rods there.


Want to perfect your approach to lure fishing? Discover the best spots of Brittany? Contact me and we will find together the best formula!

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