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“Looking for a fishing guide in Brittany?”


My fishing land and where I was born, where I took my first fish. It is my favorite place where everything is gathered in one region and that gave me this passion: the fishing with the lure, with all the values ​​that it includes like the sharing, the respect of the fish … I like to work intensely with other fishing guides or very good fishermen. I am still listening to fishermen whether they are amateurs or confirmed. I think we would miss something if there was this exchange between enthusiasts.


My approach is for experienced and non-experienced fishermen who want to learn new techniques or new waters quickly. This is an opportunity to discover many things in a minimum of time, all with a guide who knows his fishing spots.


You are rather fresh water or sea fishing?

Spots in fresh water

Lake Guerlédan

Lake GUERLEDAN is an artificial lake of 2 nd category located on the boundary between Morbihan and Côtes d’Armor. This lake is 12 km long and 45m deep at the foot of the dam. GUERLEDAN is the second largest artificial lake in Brittany. After a total closure to fishing since early 2015, Lake Guerlédan will reopen its waters in this year 2019 to the delight of predator fishers. Its population consists mainly of percids (perch / perch) but pike fishing is not left behind. I will be able to be your guide in order to refine a technique of fishing or to be initiated to the predator sports fishing with the modern fishing methods of the moment. (Vertical / linear fishing / dropshot …).

Lake St Michel

Lake Saint-Michel spreads over 450 hectares classed as a large inland lake (hence the addition of your fishing map, an option Grand lac de Saint-Michel), nestled in the heart of the Arrée Mountains in the department of Finistère. In addition to being able to fish in a place where the landscape is breathtaking, worthy of our neighboring Irish territory, this lake offers by its rich fish, and released regular rainbow trout, an incredible chance to take one of the great predators of its waters: the BROCHET. This is one of the major sites in Brittany for pike fishing where I will be delighted by my Swedish experiences and knowledge of this mythical place of power you advise during a guide to teach you modern fishing techniques lures.

Vilaine river

The Vilaine being a large and wide river of 2 nd category, I will take you fishing on the watershed of it between Arzal and Redon where we can discover this river together with different topographies and funds hiding many spots favorable to the fishing for lures.
The zander is one of those fish that roam in its waters. The zander is one of the most enigmatic and intriguing carnivores in relation to its behavior. Its fishing is just as good, and there are many ways to catch them. We can apprehend all the techniques of sport fishing with the help of the echo sounder but also our observation to understand the capture of a fish envous advising on the equipment which it is necessary to possess.
But the other flagship fish of the Vilaine, where I have fun fishing is the catfish. Waffle fishing with a cluster of worms is one of the most effective techniques on the Vilaine.

Wanted fish

The fishing technique will be adapted according to the place, the desired species and the seasonality. I’m not stingy of advice, and I will advise you in the choice of lures, their presentations, their animations, and show the importance of a drift. If necessary, we will discuss outstanding technical issues. Vertical fishing is my preference. It requires a lot of questions to find the lure of the moment and make your fishing day unforgettable.


Otherwise, we will focus on catching the fish with the best technique of the moment. All fishing techniques can be approached according to the program of the day.



Yellow perch




My two favorite playgrounds for sea fishing are the Gulf of Morbihan and the peninsula of Quiberon. The fish wealth that rode in these areas is mind-blowing. I’ll put everything in place for you to have a great time taking, for example, a bar on a surface lure. What emotions! We can also take a royal gilthouse or a mackerel with a jig. Finally, the capture of an old soft lure will provide incredible sensations! You will understand, I will be at your disposal to fish at sea, in the coastal zone, in a territory where a unique setting available to you.


A formula “evening” also allows you to enjoy the twilight atmosphere often conducive to big fish.

Sea fish spotted


Sea Bream



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